Live Chat in the Facebook version of the game

  • While playing the game on Facebook you can participate in  "LIVE CHAT" with other players
  • This is a great way to ask for help with the game or for an explanation of the game features
  • It is also a good place to ask people to be your friend if you need lives or need to pass the "Tea Time" waits programmed into some levels of the game (Afer Levels 50, 66, & 80)

Locating the Chat

  • To the far right of the game board in the Advertisement area between "RECOMMENDED GAMES" and "SPONSORED" [ads] is the "LIVE CHAT" area.
  • The chat area itself may be HIDDEN but the label  "LIVE CHAT" will still appear.  To the right is a 'button' that will hide and unhide the chat dialogs

Hiding Messages, Muting trouble makers, and Reporting Trolls

  • There is a little X in the upper right of each message
  • If anyone posts something inappropriate, just click to HIDE that post
  • You might also HIDE longer posts you have already seen to reduce clutter
  • Once you hide a post there are further options to MUTE that poster permanently and to report the post (vulgar, abusive, etc.)
  • It is quite alright to X-hide my long posts if you don't need the info. a) you can unhide them b) that doesn't mute the poster unless you ALSO choose mute afterwards


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