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4 BIG KEYS to better play

Once you master the first 3 big skills it will get much easier for a while -- 1) bigger words , 2) controlling blaster direction 3) actively playing crowns at the end to clean up, then for later levels, Rock Killing makes a 4th important skill.

  1. Making bigger words -- some rudimentary but useful help is in the following post -- more needs to be written on this subject and several of the HINTS below will help with this also:
  2. Understanding line blasters and controlling direction:  -- once you understand blasters the key will be making more and better long words to give you more choices for direction and placement of blasters
  3. On most levels you should finish by "Actively Playing Crowns" in the end game: -- crowns allows you to cleanup the last few targets in hard to reach places and augment your long words for the Word Frenzy (Word List) levels.
  4. Killing Rocks --


  • Use the scoring page to understand how to get "3 Cheese Stars" more easily
  • Learn when to "cash out" your extra moves and when to play them for additional blasters
  • Pay attention to Gold & Silver tiles as well as word count values
  • Notice that when you fire a blaster (or many blasters) it is ONLY worth 100 extra points with NO multipliers

Test Tracing

  • Check for words by holding the mouse down and watching for acceptable words to turn "GREEN"
  • Watch the score box at top right to see how much each tested word will increase your score
  • Be careful not to release the mouse until you are truly ready to accept a word OR you don't have a "GREEN" light -- non-words are no problem but accidently accepting a 3 letter word when you gave a 6 or better is very frustrating.

Rare & unusual words accepted by the game


These hints were largely created for the "in game chat" on Facebook version of the game, and include hints about how to save or avoid losing the game (e.g., don't click on URL in chat windows):

  • HINT: You play the game with blasters ; you BEAT the game with CROWNS!
  • HINT: Once you master the 3 big skills it will get much easier for a while -- 1) bigger words , 2) controlling blaster direction 3) actively playing crowns at the end to clean up -- for later levels, Rock Killing makes a 4th important skill.
  • HINT: To refine your crown playing at the end of the game, calculate what will happen if the word you can play to win next is hit by the crown you are playing now....order matters sometimes.
  • HINT:  When you mix you probably have few plays much of the time (unless you are mixing to move blasters) so stop a moment and look at the letters on board. If All vowels on one side, consonants on the other? The Mix is good chance! No vowels, ask yourself if the mix will make it better or just waste the opportunity?
  • HINT: If you have two ways to make equal word, consider playing the one with the most unusual letters, BUT if you have two words to play and one plays adjacent to more rocks (or pops more of any blocker) consider that one might be better.
  • HINT:  Two chances to play with a couple of different bad letters, consider which one might go best with what you have -- e.g., H alone is a pain to use, but next to an S, or even a W, H might be a lot better
  • HINT: Play against two equal rocks in terms of what they protect?  Hit the one most likely to fall apart to get more space
  • HINT: Sometimes there is nothing you can do, but playing yourself out of a tight corner is very satisfying :)
  • HINT: Finding a LITTLE better play on just most of the moves, really adds up over an entire game (or 10) and will greatly increase your success.
  • HINT: If you find a six letter word with "ING" maybe there's a 7 or 8 letter word instead, or maybe you can stick an S on it to get a little better word
  • HINT: Avoid moves that don't ADVANCE the type of game you are playing AND your current situation 
  • HINT:  Must take a 3 letter word?  Try sticking ANYTHING next to it on the end or more than you would expect
  • HINT: You can select/copy/paste THIS (Facebook) chat when someone gives you their FB URL or you want to save a hint
  • HINT: MAGNETS steal your crowns (then give back when destroyed) -- Not always a bad thing since crowns usually are more valuable later in the game
  • HINT: Move Stealers are the Blue bubble "Bombs"  You get them before they count to 0, or they take 2 moves (each) Ideally you play them while making long words or with blasters and killing more than one, etc.
  • HINT: The very few levels that might argue for using mousetrap remover are very sparse, missing LOTS & LOTS of tiles from the board, and/or having LOT & LOTS of ROCKS
  • HINT: BELIEVE that there is always a better word or play -- increasing your letter count or effect on blockers by even 1 on most moves will add up to a tremendous improvement in your success
  • HINT: Once you realize that many of the "decisions" in hard games are like playing blackjack, poker or (good) bridge, backgammon:  Percentage plays, gambles.  Good players play the best odds and don't always win but win far more often.
  • HINT: Different mice "Artifacts" give "Free Moves" to different types (Word Frenzy, Cheddar Spreader, CheeseFalls, Bubble pop, CheesyPlates) == I always take FREE MOVES
  • HINT:  one trick is to "Surf a Blank" (or S maybe), keep playing it over many moves (works best with bubble pop).  Learn to "Surf BLANKS" (or 'S's) -- keep the blank for multiple moves by using it repeatedly to end words.
  • HINT: When you are stuck, ASSUME the move you need is there and you just need to find it.  It may not be WHAT or WHERE you expect but it's there somewhere.
  • HINT: When you see the remaining targets (bubbles, cheesy tiles) are too spread out switch to making 4-letter words for crowns, preferably while playing one or two targets  (i.e., Active Play Crowns)
  • HINT: Always take FREE MOVES from the mouse helpfers (Artifacts in the Library) -- there is very little reason to ever do anything else if you have the free move helper.  A few levels that are HIGHLY restricted might argue for removing traps but generally you can take out more than one blocker (or rock layer) in a single move so moves are worth more.

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