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  • I live in Austin, TX
  • I was born on July 15
  • My occupation is Computer Consultant
  • I am Male
  • HerbM
    • First try doing a full refresh -- Ctrl-F5 on most browsers not just F5
    • Try a different browser Chrome or Firefox depending which is giving trouble -- Chrome seems to be most stable
    • Try updating Flash on your computer (Google for that)
    • Play on a phone or better a Pad -- Android or Apple iPhone/iPad
    • Ask King Care on their website for help

    • Two letters appearing on the same tile (besides Qu) -- pressing on the tile will show which letter is really there
    • Failing to receive 3 Cheese Stars even with a score higher than other players with 3 Cheese StarsScores
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  • HerbM

    In Game Chat on Facebook

    January 9, 2016 by HerbM
    • While playing the game on Facebook you can participate in  "LIVE CHAT" with other players
    • This is a great way to ask for help with the game or for an explanation of the game features
    • It is also a good place to ask people to be your friend if you need lives or need to pass the "Tea Time" waits programmed into some levels of the game (Afer Levels 50, 66, & 80)

    • To the far right of the game board in the Advertisement area between "RECOMMENDED GAMES" and "SPONSORED" [ads] is the "LIVE CHAT" area.
    • The chat area itself may be HIDDEN but the label  "LIVE CHAT" will still appear.  To the right is a 'button' that will hide and unhide the chat dialogs

    • There is a little X in the upper right of each message
    • If anyone posts something inappropriate, just click…

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  • HerbM

    Longer Words

    January 9, 2016 by HerbM


    1. Scan for short letter combinations, primarily suffixes such as: ED, ER, ING, S, TION, etc.
    2. Look for the letters ADJACENT to the first letter of the ending, especially consonants -- these are you "entry letters" to the ending -- any word must pass through the possible entry letters
    3. For each "entry letter" consider what (short) words will end in that letter (possible dropping a final E or making other common changes)
    4. Trace each candiate word to determine if Alphabetty will accept it (lighs up GREEN) and for how many letters or what type of blaster will be scored
    5.  If an S, ED, ES, IES, or similar is adjacant to the end try adding that also

    This above outline is a very good strategy, but needs to be developed more fully in my coming edi…

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  • HerbM

    Replaying Levels

    January 9, 2016 by HerbM

    There are many good reasons to go back if you're stuck

    • Obtain more Cheese Stars to power up your mouse help artifacts
    • Develop and hone your skills more
    • See how much you have improved since originally playng those levels
    • It's FUN (possibly more fun than getting beat for weeks or longer)

    Also, most of those who finished all Levels (Currently through Level 320) go back for all the stars anyway

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  • HerbM


    January 5, 2016 by HerbM
    • Add the points for each letter (double letter score if Blue/Silver tile)
    • Multiply by 10
    • Multiply by number of letters in word
    • Double score for each Gold/Yellow tile appearing in word (3 gold tiles will multiply by 8 = 2 x 2 x 2)
    • Add 100 points for each blaster in word -- after any double etc. above
    • Crowns do not increase score

    • Crowns count 500 extra (King's website say 100 but the game clearly scores 500 for each crown)
    • Blasters on board each increase the score by 1000 (may not be 100% accurate but is basically correct)
    • Each remaining move is converted to a blaster in a random location and increase the score (probably another 1000)
    • Selected Artifact (mouse helper) may increase the final score by either 5% or 10% depending on the mouse level (Betty…

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