The Bazaar
The Bazaar
World The Chesseamids
Levels 51-65
New features N/A
Released date Unknown
Previous episode Next episode
Cheese Henge Cheesy Desert

The Bazaar is the 4th episode of AlphaBetty Saga.

Score levels Cheese falls levels Bubble pop levels Word frenzy levels Growth mode levels Cheesy plate levels
- 4 9 2 - -

Levels Edit

Level Type Goals Walkthrough Notes
51 Bubble pop levels 53 bubbles
First level of Cheesamids
52 Bubble pop levels 50 bubbles
53 Bubble pop levels 42 bubbles
54 Bubble pop levels 51 bubbles

55 Word frenzy levels 16 Words

56 Word frenzy levels 16 Words
57 Bubble pop levels 58 Bubbles

58 Cheese falls levels 6 chunks
59 Cheese falls levels 11 chunks

60 Cheese falls levels 3 chunks
61 Bubble pop levels 46 bubbles
62 Bubble pop levels 82 bubbles
63 Bubble pop levels 58 bubbles
64 Bubble pop levels 51 bubbles
65 Cheese falls levels 6 chunks


  • This is the first episode to have no new features.
  • This episode has most bubble pop levels, with nine.

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