Mousechu Picchu
Mousechu Picchu
World Mousechu Picchu
Levels 156-170
New features N/A
Released date Unknown
Previous episode Next episode
Tiki Rapids The Andean Trail

Mousechu Picchu is the 11th episode of AlphaBetty Saga.

Score levels Cheese falls levels Bubble pop levels Word frenzy levels Growth mode levels Cheesy plate levels
- 5 3 3 4 -

Levels Edit

Level Type Goals Walkthrough Notes
156 Word frenzy levels 3 words
157 Growth mode levels 43 tiles
158 Growth mode levels 52 tiles
159 Growth mode levels 37 tiles

160 Cheese falls levels 6 chunks

161 Cheese falls levels 6 chunks
162 Cheese falls levels 9 chunks

163 Word frenzy levels 9 words
164 Bubble pop levels 82 Bubbles

165 Bubble pop levels 92 Bubbles
166 Bubble pop levels 54 bubbles
167 Cheese falls levels 7 chunks
168 Cheese falls levels 5 chunks
169 Word frenzy levels 13 words
170 Growth mode levels 48 tiles
Mousechu Picchu


  • This is the first episode to have an equal number of word frenzy levels and bubble pop levels.
  • Levels with more than 30 moves start appearing in this episode.

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