Cheese Henge
Cheese Henge
World A New Adventure
Levels 36 - 50
New features Word frenzy levels
Released date  ?
Previous episode Next episode
Forest Way The Bazaar

Cheese Henge is the 3rd episode of AlphaBetty Saga.

Score levels Cheese falls levels Bubble pop levels Word frenzy levels Growth mode levels Cheesy plate levels
- 3 3 9 - -

New featureEdit

  • The word frenzy level type is introduced in this episode.
  • After completing level 50, those playing on web version are required to take a "Tea Time" break (see Tea Cup with mice in upper right of image underneath "Library")
  • The player may shorten the "Tea Time" break by soliciting Facebook friends to play the game


Level Type Goals Walkthrough Notes
36 Word frenzy levels 10 Words First word target level
37 Word frenzy levels 11 Words
38 Word frenzy levels 13 Words
39 Word frenzy levels 10 Words
40 Word frenzy levels 13 Words First level to order 7 letter word
41 Cheese falls levels 5 chunks
42 Cheese falls levels 4 chunks
43 Bubble pop levels 30 bubbles
44 Cheese falls levels 4 chunks
45 Bubble pop levels 32 bubbles
46 Bubble pop levels 24 bubbles
47 Word frenzy levels 16 Words
48 Word frenzy levels 13 Words
49 Word frenzy levels 10 Words
50 Word frenzy levels 6 Words Last level of World 1 : New Advanture

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